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Invisible Bully  [PRODUCED BY The Cratez]

Post Kendrick Lamar's control verse.. For some time now there has been lots of havoc from beef records to personal relationships destroyed..all the negativity brewing brought the ghouls out that feed off this type energy..the invisible negativity itself..through the eyes of the writer this song will take you for a spooky ride.


N-chill [produced by Osym]

**All vocals recorded by IAM SINCIIR**..yes..its the same person

I created the song after binge watching "Luther" on Netflix with a female friend. It gave me an idea to construct a song that can set the mood between two people having an in-home date night, watching Netflix. I feel this song shows my skills, bridging the rapper and singer into one song. I really like how it turned out and I‘m on a mission to get “N-Chill” heard. This is audio stimulation


It was Just yesterday (i'm from willingboro) [produced by a-gent]

**All vocals recorded by IAM SINCIIR**..yes..its the same person

The Debut Single from Hip-Hop Newcomer about his Love affair with his Home town. The story tells it all from his eyes when he used to roam the streets of South Jersey. He sheds light on a more lighter time. Seeing news clips of his friends either gone now, or locked a way; he wanted people to not only remember them, but reflect on how life was when it was all simple...because it was..just yesterday...right?

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